Information Evenings Queensland, Gold Coast & Sydney March 2019 Tickets $10.00 PP

Fighting the Mind are presenting information evenings around Australia to discuss with you how we intend to change the way Eating Disorders are treated and supported throughout Australia and beyond. 

Partners and Co-owners, Tori and Kylie will share their stories and experiences with you, present information to you about plans for Fighting the Mind moving forward and how they intend to continue spreading awareness, offering hope and supporting families of loved ones and those living with Eating Disorders. 

There will be information on the support networks FTM will be offering, Recovery Support options and Family and Community Support programs.

There will also be guest speakers from various organisations and a chance to ask any questions. 

Venue is to be confirmed and tickets will be $10 each.

There will also be a raffle on the night.

Pay with PayPal or a debit/credit card

Eating Disorder 'Piece of Mind' Therapy

ED Therapy 'Piece of Mind' Rooms Coming 2019

Hi, I'm Tori, Founder of Fighting the Mind

We have worked hard to bring the importance of Eating Disorder Awareness to the surface and will continue to strive to only give you the best support and care you need to recover and to live the life you deserve.

ED Therapy 'Piece of Mind' Rooms will focus on Whanau/ Family care, holistic wellbeing and support networks in the community.

We are going to be focusing on holistic recovery care including: Specialised ED Yoga Classes, Art Therapy, Animal Therapy, Music Therapy, Peer Support Sessions and networks, Counselling, Mindfulness, Support Groups and much more.

We aim to have more of these much needed rooms up and running throughout NZ and Australia over the next 24 months.

These rooms are designed to meet the needs of Families/ Whanau supporting those living with Eating Disorders and also those living with Eating Disorders.

It will be a safe and confidential space for people to come to feel supported, inspired and empowered.

Fighting the mind does not judge or discriminate and fees for this service will be kept at an affordable minimum.

Fighting the Mind 'Piece of Mind' Therapy Rooms

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