ED specific Yoga sessions in 2019 (Auckland)

We are currently working with the amazing Jessica from Yoga Within to bring you ED specific Yoga sessions both in person and online in 2019.

More about Jess:

My Yoga journey began in the early 90’s and I would like to say I was hooked from my first class but that was not the case. I practiced yoga, on and off for the next 8 years or so and it was not until traveling, and spending some time in North America, that I really began to discover the deeper benefits of yoga.

From here my passion for the practice grew and after returning home from my travels I undertook a 3 year Performing Arts degree with a major in Contemporary Dance. The physically and emotionally demanding nature of this course of study required a practice which supported, nourished and refueled my body and mind. Enter………yoga.

NOW i was hooked!

Since that time many years have passed, I am now a 500hr certified yoga teacher, through Ashram Yoga New Zealand, and have completed many trainings, workshops and courses of study in the fields of Yoga and Mindful Movement. I continue to be inspired by the endless possibilities these practices present every day and have first hand experience in their healing power, both within my own body and the bodies of those I have had the privilege of working with. I truly believe we have the power to heal and transform ourselves; body and mind, and to discover new and more sustainable ways in which to be in the world.

It is my intention to seek out, study and practice both traditional and modern yoga and movement practices that are sustainable, authentic and therapeutic in nature. I draw from these practices to create both group and individual classes/sessions in which the emphasis is on listening to our inner wisdom, nourishing our bodies and minds and creating long term, life-sustaining, change, growth and development. I look forward to sharing these profoundly simple and effective practices with you in a class or session sometime soon.


ED Therapy 'Piece of Mind' Rooms Coming 2019

Coming in 2019!

Hi, I'm Tori, Founder of Fighting the Mind

We have worked hard to bring the importance of Eating Disorder Awareness to the surface and will continue to strive to only give you the best support and care you need to recover and to live the life you deserve.

ED Therapy 'Piece of Mind' Rooms will focus on Whanau/ Family care, holistic wellbeing and support networks in the community.

We are going to be focusing on holistic recovery care including: Specialised ED Yoga Classes, Art Therapy, Animal Therapy, Music Therapy, Peer Support Sessions and networks, Counselling, Mindfulness, Support Groups and much more.

We aim to have more of these much needed rooms up and running throughout NZ over the next 24 months.

These rooms are designed to meet the needs of Families/ Whanau supporting those living with Eating Disorders and also those living with Eating Disorders.

It will be a safe and confidential space for people to come to feel supported, inspired and empowered.

Fighting the mind does not judge or discriminate and fees for this service will be kept at an affordable minimum.

To: Prime Minister Jacinda Adern Early Intervention Mental Health Care


Dear Jacinda Adern,
It is vital that we practise quality and accessible Mental Health Care in Early Childhood Centres, Schools, Universities, Workplaces and of course the Home.

We would like to see an approach in our educational system that allows a far more effective partnership with Whanau/ Families and Community than it already has.

As Whanau/ Families are the First Carers, we would like to see an open and anti-bias approach to the integration of Mental Health Awareness in the Education System and throughout the Community.

"Early intervention in response to difficulties can reduce the risk or severity of certain types of mental disorders later in childhood, adolescence or adulthood and improve children’s developmental, emotional, academic and social outcomes. It could help children to achieve their full potential".{1}

Currently standing, we have such a high rate of Mental Illness for such a small country and
we would also like to see this integrated in Health Services across the country, with a primary focus being on educating our current and upcoming GPs.

"Nearly half the population will meet the criteria for a mental illness diagnosis at some stage during their lives, and one in five of us will experience depression in any given year". {2}

Why is this important?

We need to recognise the need for this in New Zealand, with the statistics showing an overdue need for such an implementation.

Too many children, teens and adults are living with a battle of the mind everyday and ultimately are having to educate themselves because mental health resources are so far stretched.
The People's Mental Health Review report, canvassed 500 people who have either accessed or worked within mental health services in New Zealand.

"Almost 95 per cent of those surveyed had negative experiences of the sector and shared stories of inappropriately long wait times, an over-reliance on medication and an under-resourced, stressed workforce".

"In a number of stories people expressed concern that they couldn't get the help they needed until their health had deteriorated to the point of crisis," {3}

This is important because we are not only educating the health care providers but families and adults that care for young children.

It allows our children to have a real chance at life with minimal, if any mental illness. It will teach our children to become resilient because they have gained proper education and knowledge in the area of mental health, including coping mechanisms. This in turn provides our children with the knowledge and empathy required to be non-judgemental, unbiased and to not discriminate.

We want to see NZ have the lowest Mental Illness Rates WORLDWIDE.

Please consider how this is going to be implemented in our children's lives so that we are not having to seek treatment for them before it is too late.

This campaign is led by Fighting the Mind, a non profit organisation who focuses on supporting those living with Eating Disorders and all Mental Illness. We are focusing on people building or rebuilding their relationships with Whanau/ Family and the Community.
If education surrounding mental health is integrated from a young age, it will enable the individual the abilty to speak out, express feelings openly and for the individual not to fear their own validity.
Fighting the Mind would like to focus on the grassroots of this area (a getting back to basics, so to speak), where we create a peer support network of both experience and qualification, so we are able to work alongside one another to implement such a program.

1. https://www.health.govt.nz/publication/social-emotional-and-behavioural-difficulties-new-zealand-children-new-zealand-health-survey
2. https://wellplace.nz/facts-and-information/mental-wellbeing/mental-health-in-new-zealand/
3. https://www.nzherald.co.nz/nz/news/article.cfm?c_id=1&objectid=11841136

Males need support too

Males need support too!

Fighting the Mind is super excited to introduce Rob to our team!
Rob has had several years experience with Eating Disorders caring for his Wife (Our very own Administrator), Kylee.

Rob is here to support males who are living with and caring for those with Eating Disorders.

Rob is available for support via email Rob robfightingthemind@gmail.com and also join our closed support group for males on Facebook by following https://m.facebook.com/groups/2182965161940023

Love and light to all
The Fighting the Mind Team

NZ Documentary 'Disorder'

Last week the powerful documentary, "Disorder" went live. The New Zealand made documentary by Miriam Jacobi and Olivia Mahood tells the stories of recovery from those who have experienced an eating disorder.
Courageous conversations that offer HOPE and inspiration.
Follow the link below to watch:


Inside the mind of a teen who survived disordered eating

Harder. Faster. Can't stop now, it's not far enough yet.

But it's never far enough.

There is always an unreachable goal. Another kilometre to run. A smaller portion of food or another lie. "I've already eaten" or "I'm only trying to get fit".

The biggest lie of all: "I'm not hungry".


Men struggle with Mental Illness too

Men struggle with Mental Illness too and while it may seem like a scary step to take, that step will be the most powerful step you’ve ever taken.

All Blacks star Sonny Bill Williams has opened up about the struggles in tackling mental illness in men, trying to break down the barriers about such a seemingly taboo subject.


Art therapy

Here's your medical prescription - a bottle of paint and a hand at sculpting.

This is much needed and is already well established in other countries.
Getting back to basics and ditching the high expectations!


Subsidised therapy

If you are in Dunedin, NZ, please do check this out if you are in need of therapy!

If you are struggling to get talking therapy then please contact us as we have no waiting list currently. This is subsidised and made possible with the generosity of our beautiful community. We receive no government funding.
Life Matters Suicide Prevention Trust

Women's health


Women are nine times more likely than men to suffer from an eating disorder – a condition that has the highest mortality rate of any mental illness. There are several different types of eating disorders but the most common are anorexia nervosa, bulimia nervosa, binge eating disorder and other specified feeding and eating disorders (OSFED). They all involve an unhealthy relationship with food and eating, characterised by a range of behavioural, physical and psychological symptoms.

There is no single cause behind eating disorders but there are a number of complex social, cultural, psychological and biological factors that contribute to the condition.

Australian & New Zealand Mental Health Association

Fighting the Mind's new Editor!

Fighting the Mind has the absolute pleasure of introducing Charlotte as an Editor!
Charlotte has extensive life experience with Mental Illness and we feel her input and contribution to FTM will resonate with and inspire many, especially the younger generation.
Charlotte also manages her own page Saint Charlotte so feel free to check this Warrior Queen’s page out and show her some support.

Welcome to FTM beautiful! 


Our Administrator

Our amazing Admin and Support Warrior, Kylee Christian, now has her own email so you can contact her directly.
Kylee is highly experienced in Eating Disorders, having lived with ED for a number of years.
Kylee is a Wife, a Mother and a Warrior Queen.
Please do email Kylee at kyleefightingthemind@gmail.com if you are living with an Eating Disorder and require any form of support.

Tori and Laura Radio Interview

Here it is everyone!
CLICK the LINK below and have a listen:

Planet FM (104.6) Live interview with Mother and Daughter Team, Tori and Laura from Fighting the Mind!

Thank you to Host, Sheldon Brown and Technician Declan Curran, for having us!

Tough Talk

Fighting the Mind is working hard to #EndStigmaand encouraging boys and men to speak out about living with Eating Disorders.

Tough Talk is on a mission to reduce the stigma surrounding men’s mental health & providing therapeutic tools for the community. Every Tuesday they post a video asking men to share the tools they use to cope & improve their wellbeing.

Discover Tough Talk at https://www.facebook.com/toughtalknz/

Fighting the Mind Closed Facebook Support Groups

Join our closed support groups if you’d like to discuss anything ED related or ask for help and support of any kind.
Message us in confidence if you need to chat.

Eating Disorder Support Group for Families

For those living with an Eating Disorder

Closed Support Group for Males suffering from an Eating Disorder
Link below: